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Feed your tree on the first day and then again on the fifth. Your Christmas tree stand should have a little vessel so that you can keep it watered.

It can drink up to two pints of water a day. If it is continuously gorging itself on your water supply, consider turning the heating down. If you kept it in a bucket of water outside before bringing it in the house then you will not see this level of fast drinking, according to Mitchell. Just take it out of the pot, and replant it in your garden for next year.

H owever, there is one problem with the potted Christmas tree. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Lifestyle Christmas.

How to choose a Christmas tree: A complete guide to real vs artificial

Where did the tradition originate? Real or artificial - are Christmas trees sustainable? All Christmas trees are felled at the same time, so there is no point in delaying. Do think twice before buying from a pop-up tree seller. Your tree has to fit! The options: Nordmann fir. Norway spruce. What to do when at the store.

It can damage the branches, and hide a multitude of sins. Do lift the tree and gently tap it on the floor as a second test.

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Do saw off the bottom of the tree. Then slice off the bark on the base for optimum water retention. Regardless of when you buy the tree, the next step is vital. What do you do with your Christmas tree at the end of the holidays? Fill your home with extra joy and the fresh scent of pine this season by picking the perfect live Christmas tree.

Full trees offer the realistic look of a naturally grown tree with lush growth and full branches. Flocked trees are decorated with synthetic powder to create the look of a snow-covered Christmas tree. Slim Christmas trees are ideal for creating beautiful holiday displays in foyers and other tight spaces. Think of Lowe's as your Christmas tree shop, with a wide variety of artificial Christmas trees and real Christmas trees to choose from.

If your space is limited or small, mini Christmas trees are great options. But if you have higher ceilings, you may want to fill the space with a tall tree. We also have Christmas trees that are an alternative to traditional green trees that can make the holiday interesting and create a conversation starter.

Get a beautiful snow-covered-tree look while leaving the cold outside with a white Christmas tree or a flocked Christmas tree. Don't get tangled up with yards and yards of lights. Instead, opt for a pre-lit Christmas tree , which is just as beautiful, but only half the work. Not the traditional type?

You might find that you like a slim Christmas tree better. Going all out this year? In , the popular royals, Queen Victoria and her German Prince, Albert, were sketched in the Illustrated London News standing with their children around a Christmas tree. Unlike the previous royal family, Victoria was very popular with her subjects, and what was done at court immediately became fashionable—not only in Britain, but with fashion-conscious East Coast American Society.

The Christmas tree had arrived. By the s Christmas ornaments were arriving from Germany and Christmas tree popularity was on the rise around the U. It was noted that Europeans used small trees about four feet in height, while Americans liked their Christmas trees to reach from floor to ceiling.

The early 20th century saw Americans decorating their trees mainly with homemade ornaments, while the German-American sect continued to use apples, nuts, and marzipan cookies. Popcorn joined in after being dyed bright colors and interlaced with berries and nuts. Electricity brought about Christmas lights, making it possible for Christmas trees to glow for days on end. With this, Christmas trees began to appear in town squares across the country and having a Christmas tree in the home became an American tradition. The tallest tree displayed at Rockefeller Center came in and was a Norway Spruce that measured in at feet tall and hailed from Killingworth, Connecticut.

The first tree at Rockefeller Center was placed in It was a small unadorned tree placed by construction workers at the center of the construction site. Two years later, another tree was placed there, this time with lights. These days, the giant Rockefeller Center tree is laden with over 25, Christmas lights.

Canada German settlers migrated to Canada from the United States in the s. They brought with them many of the things associated with Christmas we cherish today—Advent calendars, gingerbread houses, cookies—and Christmas trees. Mexico In most Mexican homes the principal holiday adornment is el Nacimiento Nativity scene.

However, a decorated Christmas tree may be incorporated in the Nacimiento or set up elsewhere in the home.


As purchase of a natural pine represents a luxury commodity to most Mexican families, the typical arbolito little tree is often an artificial one, a bare branch cut from a copal tree Bursera microphylla or some type of shrub collected from the countryside. Britain The Norway spruce is the traditional species used to decorate homes in Britain. The Norway spruce was a native species in the British Isles before the last Ice Age , and was reintroduced here before the s.

Greenland Christmas trees are imported, as no trees live this far north.

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They are decorated with candles and bright ornaments. Gifts are left under the tree on Christmas morning for the children. Brazil Although Christmas falls during the summer in Brazil, sometimes pine trees are decorated with little pieces of cotton that represent falling snow. Ireland Christmas trees are bought anytime in December and decorated with colored lights, tinsel, and baubles. Some people favor the angel on top of the tree, others the star.

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The house is decorated with garlands, candles, holly, and ivy. Wreaths and mistletoe are hung on the door. Evergreen trees are decorated with stars, sunbursts, and snowflakes made from straw. Other decorations include colorful wooden animals and straw centerpieces. Norway Nowadays Norwegians often take a trip to the woods to select a Christmas tree, a trip that their grandfathers probably did not make.

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The Christmas tree was not introduced into Norway from Germany until the latter half of the 19th century; to the country districts it came even later. When Christmas Eve arrives, there is the decorating of the tree, usually done by the parents behind the closed doors of the living room, while the children wait with excitement outside.

The Christmas Tree

Afterwards, gifts are distributed. Spain A popular Christmas custom is Catalonia, a lucky strike game.