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Born into a long line of witch doctors, Surprise Sithole "Sit-holy" was destined for a life of fear, oppression and poverty in the African jungles. But God had other plans. What began that night in a thatch and mud hut more than 25 years ago was an adventure of faith and miracles.

From signs and wonders to supernatural deliverance to divine revivals that have overtaken countries, Surprise has followed wherever God has led, even into the darkest, most unreached places.

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This is his amazing true story. His story is so full of the supernatural activity of God that if I had not met him I would have trouble believing. I thank God that I have had the privilege of meeting Surprise Sithole. He is the most prophetic person that I have ever met. He walks in the greatest joy of any person I have ever met.

Rolland Baker told me that most of the advances that had been made in Iris Ministry in Mozambique have come through Surprise's receiving from God prophecy and dreams and sharing the divine direction with Rolland and Heidi Baker.

You will be thrilled and blessed with his life stories that will literally change you! Over the years he has been a tremendous blessing and encouragement to us personally as well as the Iris family in Africa and around the world.

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His book, Voice in the Night, is full of miracle stories that will encourage and fill you with fresh faith. As you read this book, prepare to be greatly inspired and begin to step into your own miracle-working inheritance in Jesus! About the Author.

Pastor Surprise Sithole "Sit-holy" has a passion for Jesus that drives him to the darkest and most unreached areas of the world. As the International Director of Pastors for Iris Ministries, he speaks seventeen languages and has been instrumental in starting over 15, churches throughout Africa. Free National Shipping on Orders over R! On this occasion, though, he verged on hysteria. The first time we heard the Voice, the world seemed to be coming apart.


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I was still trying to forget my earlier one, an unhappy analysis of George Bernard Shaw which had sold about fifty copies. Or Earth. Ward was officially on his way home.

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It was a giant world, three times the size of Jupiter. Put in place by an unknown entity thousands of years ago. By the time of her qualification flight, a total of eleven had been discovered, scattered around the Orion Arm. They are magnificent sculptures, set on moons and asteroids and small planets, and occasionally simply placed in their own orbits. The first was discovered long before we had achieved interstellar flight.

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On Iapetus. It depicts a lizard-like female creature believed to be a self-portrait of the sculptor. And it was a major factor in restarting a long-stalled space program.

Never rising, never setting. Priscilla had sat on her sofa sipping orange juice. To touch the stone image. To trace with her fingers the alien characters cut into its base. A Voice in the Night eBook.

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These and thirteen other rides into odd places await the reader. For Cable, it was unheard of. The ground swayed. Dust rose.