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Sections II and V, both of which feature series of standalone lyrics, pick up There is much of the grotesque in Section III, a poem sequence titled “Virus,” in Centaur By Greg Wrenn University of Wisconsin Press Paperback.

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Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was born into British nobility, the 9th of 10 siblings. In , she married Prince Albert, the Duke of York, having turned down several previous proposals because she had misgivings about royal life. She remained active in public life up to and even after her th birthday in and died at , seven weeks after the death of her younger daughter, Princess Margaret.

It was that passion eventually lead to his untimely death. In , at the age of 30, Prince William died in an airplane crash.

The younger son of Prince Henry and Lady Alice, Prince Richard initially had a career as an architect, but following the death of his older brother Prince William in , he took on additional royal duties. That same year, he married Birgitte van Deurs whom he met at Cambridge University, and just two years after that, Richard inherited the title of Duke of Gloucester from his father Prince Henry.

Now in his 70s, Richard remains active in public life and carries out regular royal duties for his first cousin, the Queen.

The couple resides in Kensington Palace. Now in his 80s, Prince Edward regularly carries out royal duties on behalf of the Queen.

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He and his wife live on the grounds of Kensington Palace in the royal residence Wren House. Michael takes on fewer royal responsibilities than his siblings, but he does sometimes represent the Queen at events in Commonwealth countries outside of the United Kingdom. In recognition of this work, the Queen provided Prince Michael and his wife with an apartment at Kensington Palace for a number of years, but after that proved controversial, they now pay rent. Born third in the line of succession, Elizabeth became the presumptive heir to the throne in , following the abdication of her uncle Edward VIII and the ascension of her father, George VI.

In , she became engaged to Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark , whom she had first met at the age of The couple were married the same year at Westminster Abbey, and have four children together. After her father died in , Elizabeth ascended to the throne. Currently in her 90s, she is both the longest-reigning and the longest-living British monarch in history, having reigned for more than 66 years.

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Her great-grandmother Queen Victoria, the second longest-reigning monarch, reigned for 63 years. Because Townsend was divorced, the Church of England would not approve the marriage, and Margaret was famously forced to choose between ending the relationship and losing her royal privileges. She broke off her engagement with Townsend, and in married society photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones , who was given the title Earl of Snowdon. The couple had two children together, and ultimately divorced in after a tempestuous year marriage.

Margaret died in , at the age of Antony Armstrong-Jones, a. Armstrong-Jones was a fashion and society photographer when he met Margaret in , and they married two years later in Armstrong-Jones married his second wife Lucy Mary Lindsay-Hogg that same year, and they remained married until Armstrong-Jones died in at the age of He was born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, but Philip and his family were exiled from Greece during his childhood , and so he studied in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom before eventually serving in the British Royal Navy.

He married then-Princess Elizabeth in , during the reign of her father George VI, and the couple have four children together. Now in his 90s, Philip is not only the longest-serving consort of a reigning British monarch , but also the longest-living male British royal in history. The eldest child of Queen Elizabeth, and the heir apparent to the British throne, Prince Charles was born in in Buckingham Palace.

He went on to be educated at a number of institutions including Cheam and Gordonstoun Schools which his father attended before him and Cambridge University, before serving in the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. Charles later married his second wife Camilla Parker Bowles in Having held the title since , Charles is the longest-serving Prince of Wales in history. He is also the first heir to the British throne ever to have a university degree. She met Prince Charles when she was 16, and married him in July of , becoming the Princess of Wales.

Charles and Diana had two children together, Prince William and Prince Harry before divorcing in One year later, she tragically died in a car accident in Paris on August 31, She is also the granddaughter of nobleman Roland Cubitt, 3rd Baron Ashcombe.

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In , Camilla married her first husband Andrew Parker Bowles, and the couple had two children, Tom and Lisa , before divorcing in The second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Princess Anne is one of the hardest working members of the royal family. She is also an accomplished equestrian, and was even the first British royal to compete in the Olympic Games.

In , Anne married Captain Mark Phillips, and the couple had two children together before divorcing in Princess Anne met her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips, at the Olympics in Munich, where he was part of the British equestrian team and also competed individually. The couple married in , and had two children together before divorcing in The second husband of Anne, Princess Royal.

After her divorce from Captain Mark Phillips in , Anne and Timothy married, and although he received no title upon the marriage, in he was appointed as a personal aide-de-camp to the Queen. In he married Autumn Kelly, and the couple have two children together: Savannah Phillips and Isla Phillips That said, she does not hold a royal title.

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Like her mother, Zara is an accomplished equestrian and Olympian, winning a silver medal at the Olympics in London, and she has been appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire for her services to equestrianism. Zara married Mike Tindall , a former rugby player, in , and the couple have two children together: Mia Tindall and Lena Tindall Prince Andrew is the third child and second son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, He served in the Royal Navy for many years, including during the Falklands War in , and holds the ranks of commander and Vice Admiral.

He married Sarah Ferguson in , and the couple had two daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, before divorcing in The couple married at Westminster Abbey later that year, and went on to have two daughters. Sarah and Andrew announced their separation in , and were divorced four years later in , though by all accounts they still have an amicable relationship.

The youngest child and third son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Edward attended Cambridge University and later joined the Royal Marines, but dropped out after four months. In he married Sophie Rhys-Jones , and the couple have two children. Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones met Prince Edward while she was working in radio, and the couple dated for six years before marrying in While she previously had a career in public relations, Sophie is now a full-time working royal like her husband, and frequently supports the Queen, her mother-in-law, in her royal duties.

She and her brother James embarked on their first royal engagement in , accompanying their parents to South Africa.

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The author has placed great diligence in producing this book. This data is presented in a way that is easy to follow and aids research. Often it is necessary when researching regiments to know the current and previous names of the regiments. Not only does the outstanding usefulness of this publication rest there but there are superb notes on the history of individual battalions within regiments , their lineage, any appropriate marches, the regimental museum, battle honours, their Home Headquarters and any affiliated formations.

To name but a few features. Some formations do not have modern day counterparts and these discontinued units are also listed. If you conduct research into the main elements of the British Army then this is an invaluable guide as to their lineage, hereditary and modern counterparts.