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Sections II and V, both of which feature series of standalone lyrics, pick up There is much of the grotesque in Section III, a poem sequence titled “Virus,” in Centaur By Greg Wrenn University of Wisconsin Press Paperback.

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Origin of touched Middle English word dating back to —; see origin at touch , -ed 2. Change Ringing.

Verb Phrases touch down , of an airplane to come into contact with the ground; land. Origin of touch —; v.

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A Virginia Scout Hugh Pendexter. Miss Billy's Decision Eleanor H.

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See also touchdown , touch off , touch up. Derived forms of touch touchable , adjective touchableness , noun toucher , noun touchless , adjective. Please can I have a look , if I promise not to touch? If you touch her, I'll kill you.

Haptomai - New Testament Greek Lexicon - King James Version

Frankly, this wood 's so strong that sandpaper won't touch it. Are you all right?

You've hardly touched your lunch. Some pickled crab, which he had not touched , had been removed with a damson pie ; and his sister saw [ … ] that he had eaten no more than a spoonful of that either.

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Her parents had caught her touching herself when she was fifteen. My grandfather, as many people know, was touched with greatness. They were plainly intended to have a bracing moral effect, and perhaps had this result for the people at whom they were aimed.