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Sections II and V, both of which feature series of standalone lyrics, pick up There is much of the grotesque in Section III, a poem sequence titled “Virus,” in Centaur By Greg Wrenn University of Wisconsin Press Paperback.

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The double doors of the surgical intensive care unit opened into a hallway crowded with dozens of hospital employees. A hospital bed emerged, and we all fell silent. Most beds roll out of the I. This bed was different. It moved at a stately pace, and the team that accompanied it was changed as well. Nurses steered, but there was no chitchat this time. A tall anesthesiologist leaned over the head of the bed to squeeze a bag valve oxygen mask with clocklike regularity.

People in street clothes trailed close behind the bed, unsure of where to look.

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These were the parents of the young woman in the bed, the one we had all come to honor. With the consent of loved ones, and with the operating room ready for organ donation to begin, hospital leadership invites all staff members to participate.

A priest who wore a neon pink Hawaiian shirt over his clerical collar looked up and down the hallway and smiled. I looked at the woman in the bed.

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Her eyes were closed. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Archived from the original on Retrieved Retrieved 10 September Patch Adams.

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  • The Times of India. Archived from the original on 25 September So, when we saw Damon, we spoke with the ex-Yankees superstar about some Washington Nationals players like Doolittle, Anthony Rendon and more deciding to sit out the trip last weekend Damon says there's too much hate going around between both sides I'm glad there was a great support for the president. I hope other teams elect to go in the future so they can talk about the issues that are bothering them.

    Just ask Kurt Suzuki.

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    We also talked ball with Damon Jacquees all but rolled out the red carpet during a Make-A-Wish visit to one of his fans The singer recently visited year-old Samira and her family in L. We're told Samira's been a huge fan of Jacquees for a very long time. She's been to a bunch of his concerts and owns lots of his merch. Samira -- who suffers from a severe nervous disorder and is confined to a wheelchair -- spent about an hour with the singer, who sang her one of his new hits, "Fact or Fiction.

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    The emotional meeting also included Jacquees signing all of Samira's merch and photos of her at his concerts. Samira and her family, of course, were ecstatic. The singer also learned just how important he's been a part of Samira's life -- when she was in a coma, her mom played one of Jacquees' songs Ever since, we're told Samira listens to Jacquees almost every night before she goes to sleep.

    L.A. Cops: A Story of Honor, Sex & Tragedy

    Now, that's a dream come true. FaZe Banks is a guy who knows how to clean up after his own mess, even if it takes a bit of time -- at least that's what we gathered when we asked him about his Vegas debacle. A weekend in Vegas, as he puts it. You'll recall Luckily, it didn't get there for FB -- he handled it.

    The dude says he and the hotel are all good now, and that it's all love -- the implication being that he paid for the damage and is back in their good graces. Quite a guy, huh?! We get around to talking about his fellow member FaZe Jarvis' lifetime ban from 'Fortnite' after being caught cheating And, boy did Chris Brown get hassled at his yard sale.

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    So, we gotta ask Justin Bieber seems to still have Tom Cruise on his mind, 'cause he unwittingly recreated an iconic movie moment made famous by the actor JB was out with his wife, Hailey , Sunday riding around L. Hailey was riding top shotgun, holding on about as tight as Kelly McGillis did on Tom's Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle all those years ago. Yes, we're referring to 'Top Gun' Of course, Justin himself might've had to work a little harder here than TC did in the flick.

    The bike doesn't look or sound motorized in any way, so he was definitely pedaling his heart out to get the missus off the busy main roads Who knows if Justin actually knew he was harkening back to the '80s here with this joyride, but we'd like to think so Hey, celeb fights are all the rage right now. No better time to start beating that drum again. The Miami Heat has suspended Dion Waiters without pay after he reportedly overdosed on weed edibles ahead of a crucial game against the Lakers this week. The team made the announcement Sunday in a statement, saying they were disappointed in their star guard's actions this season Miami Heat statement on the suspension of Dion Waiters.

    Called it a very scary situation on Thursday night. They went on, "There have been a number of instances this season in which Dion has engaged in conduct detrimental to the tea. Accordingly, he will be suspended without pay for 10 games, including the Lakers game last Friday, and will be eligible to return" Nov. The Heat continued We expect all of our players, including Dion, to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards, and to show professionalism and respect for their teammates, the team, the fans and the NBA community.

    Waiters was listed out tonight illness.

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    In case you hadn't heard, Dion had a medical emergency while flying from Phoenix to L. He was found unconscious when the plane landed, and when he was finally woken up Adding insult to injury, he had already been suspended for several games prior to this latest disciplinary action. According to reports, he got into it with head coach Erik Spoelstra. This latest suspension could hurt Waiters more than he might realize Dan Bilzerian says he's running for president in -- acknowledging he might just have to campaign against a fellow celeb in Kanye West He says he's thrown down cards with Kevin Hart