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Beyond the obvious parallel of contrasted planes of light and darkness is the further dichotomy, between serenity on the one hand Christ in the act of blessing the meal, affirming his identity and presence, seems to stretch forward his hand of comfort beyond the canvas towards the viewer and urgency on the other, the impulsive theatrical gestures of the two disciples painted from real life directly onto canvas. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Don't show me this message again. Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden, BWV6 composer. This is linked to the reiterated pleas to Christ to remain, intoned nine times during the ensuing choral fugue. Coro: Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden.

No man asks and no man has a right to ask or have ascertained by any method authorized by law what is the conscientious religious tenet or opinion of any man, of any citizen, as a prerequisite for holding an office of trust or power in the United States. Holland was the anvil upon which religious and civil liberty was beaten out in Europe at a time when the clang was scarcely heard anywhere else.

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We can never forget our historical debt to that country and to those people. Puritan, Independent, Huguenot, whoever he may be, forced to flee for conscience's sake, will not forget that in the Netherlands there was found in his time of need the asylum where conscience, property and person might be secure. And now my task is done. I am deeply grateful for the part that I have been enabled to take in this act of just and natural restitution.

In Massachusetts or out of Massachusetts there is no one more willing than I to assist this work; and here, sir [addressing Governor Wolcott], I fulfil my trust in placing in your hands the manuscript.

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To you, as the honored representative of the people of this Commonwealth, I commit this book, in pursuance of my obligations, gladly undertaken under the decree of the Episcopal Consistorial Court of London. On receiving the volume, Governor Wolcott, addressing Mr. Bayard, spoke as follows: I thank you, sir, for the diligent and faithful manner in which you have executed the honorable trust imposed upon you by the decree of the Consistorial and Episcopal Court of London, a copy of which you have now placed in my hands.

It was fitting that one of your high distinction should be selected to perform so dignified an office.

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The gracious act of international courtesy which is now completed will not fail of grateful appreciation by the people of this Commonwealth and of the nation. It is honorable alike to those who hesitated not to prefer the request and to those whose generous liberality has prompted compliance with it. It may be that the story of the departure of this precious relic from our shores may never in its every detail be revealed; but the story of its return will be read of all men, and will become a part of the history of the Commonwealth.

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There are places and objects so intimately associated with the world's greatest men or with mighty deeds that the soul of him who gazes upon them is lost in a sense of reverent awe, as it [lxxii] listens to the voice that speaks from the past, in words like those which came from the burning bush, "Put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground. On the sloping hillside of Plymouth, that bathes its feet in the waters of the Atlantic, such a voice is breathed by the brooding genius of the place, and the ear must be dull that fails to catch the whispered words.

For here not alone did godly men and women suffer greatly for a great cause, but their noble purpose was not doomed to defeat, but was carried to perfect victory. They stablished what they planned. Their feeble plantation became the birthplace of religious liberty, the cradle of a free Commonwealth. To them a mighty nation owns its debt. Nay, they have made the civilized world their debtor.

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In the varied tapestry which pictures our national life, the richest spots are those where gleam the golden threads of conscience, courage and faith, set in the web by that little band. From him we may learn "that all great and honourable actions are accompanied with great difficulties, and must be both enterprised and overcome with answerable courages. The sadness and pathos which some might read into the narrative are to me lost in victory.

The triumph of a noble cause even at a great price is theme for rejoicing, not for sorrow, and the story here told is one of triumphant achievement, and not of defeat. As the official representative of the Commonwealth, I receive it, sir, at your hands. I pledge the faith of the Commonwealth that for all time it shall be guarded in accordance with the terms of the decree under which it is delivered into her possession as one of her chiefest treasures.

I express the thanks of the Commonwealth for the priceless gift. And I venture the prophecy that for countless years to come and to untold thousands these mute pages shall eloquently speak of high resolve, great suffering and heroic endurance made possible by an absolute faith in the over-ruling providence of Almighty God.

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I would ask you to express to the Convention of the two branches of the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts my grateful thanks for the copy of their resolution of May 26, which was presented to me by Mr. I consider it a great privilege to have been associated with an act of courtesy, which was also an act of justice, in restoring to its proper place a document which is so important in the records of your illustrious Commonwealth.

The which I shall endevor to manefest in a plaine stile, with singuler regard unto y e simple trueth in all things, at least as near as my slender judgmente can attaine the same. But when he could not [4] prevaile by these means, against the maine trueths of y e gospell, but that they began to take rootting in many places, being watered with y e blooud of y e martires, and blessed from heaven with a gracious encrease; He then begane to take him to his anciente strategemes, used of old against the first Christians.


As witneseth Socrates in his 2. And became severall congregations. As appeareth by y e discourse therof published in printe, An o : ; a booke y t deserves better to be knowne and considred. This contention was so great, as neither y e honour of God, the commone persecution, nor y e mediation of Mr. And the more y e light of y e gospell grew, y e more y ey urged their subscriptions to these corruptions.

This made that holy man Mr. Perkins [F] crie out in his exhortation to repentance, upon Zeph. Religion saith he hath been amongst us this Every plante which mine heavenly father hath not planted saith our Saviour shall be rooted up. Mat: Doe they provoke the Lord to anger? Are they stronger than he?

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Cor: No, no, they have mete with their match. Behold, I come unto y e , O proud man, saith the Lord God of hosts; for thy day is come, even the time that I will visite the. Jer: May not the people of God now say and these pore people among y e rest , The Lord hath brought forth our righteousnes; come, let us declare in Sion the work of the Lord our God. Let all flesh be still before the Lord; for he is raised up out of his holy place. Zach: 2. In this case, these poore people may say among y e thousands of Israll , When the Lord brougt againe the captivite of Zion, we were like them that dreame.

Psa: The Lord hath done greate things for us, wherof we rejoyce. They that sow in teares, shall reap in joye. They wente weeping, and carried precious seede, but they shall returne with joye, and bring their sheaves, v.

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Doe you not now see y e fruits of your labours, O all yee servants of y e Lord that have suffered for his truth, and have been faithfull witneses of y e same, and yee litle handfull amongst y e rest, y e least amongest y e thousands of Israll? You have not only had a seede time, but many of you have seene y e joyefull harvest; should you not then rejoyse, yea, [11] and againe rejoyce, and say Hallelu-iah, salvation, and glorie, and honour, and power, be to y e Lord our God; for true and righteous are his judgments.

But thou wilte aske what is y e mater? What is done? Why, art thou a stranger in Israll, that thou shouldest not know what is done? Are not those Jebusites overcome that have vexed the people of Israll so long, even holding Jerusalem till Davids days, and been as thorns in their sids, so many ages; and now begane to scorne that any David should meadle with them; they begane to fortifie their tower, as that of the old Babelonians; but those proud Anakimes are throwne downe, and their glory laid in y e dust.

And are not these greate things? Who can deney it? But who hath done it? And he hath upon his garmente, and upon his thigh, a name writen, The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, v. And that it cost them something this ensewing historie will declare. These people became 2. In one [14] of these churches besids others of note was Mr. But in this other church w ch must be y e subjecte of our discourse besids other worthy men, was M r.

And also that famous and worthy man M r. John Robinson, who afterwards was their pastor for many years, till y e Lord tooke him away by death. Also M r. William Brewster a reverent man, who afterwards was chosen an elder of y e church and lived with them till old age.