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Must admit, we enjoyed doing this story. Hey, we might be rednecks. More ammo this week for our stupid criminal tip line. Let's see..

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The TSA is hiring. Wait until you see their cool new ad. Want proof? Our show's bookend tunes "I'm Alive" and "Be"will ignite the fire for your own greatness. Hey momma grizzlies, heard about Sarah's latest gaffe? Only missed it by about hundred miles.

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Right Wing summer school is now in session. Courses offered in Faith, Hope and Charity , and We keep tellin' ya, we don't make up this crap. No need. Oops, there's the bell. Found us an honest to goodness Darwin Award nominee. This bozo thought he had planned the perfect prison break.

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His scheme involved the prison's big garbage disposal unit and Couple hints: has to do with stereotypical gender role mentality, and it happened in Georgia BTW: he didn't own a stereo, typical or otherwise. No more clues. Stupid criminal flees police by driving into a gathering of -- police. Barney would've been so proud to be in on this bust. Looking for a job? Wondering what will happen to your current one? Take your search to the next level. Use Resume Rabbit. One click.

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Blame Moshi. Just be careful you don't mutter "snooze" too many times in your sleep. Somebody wrote it. He read it. Nobody checked it. How this TV ad made it into your living room is anyone's guess. A long resume' of crime is not the kind of experience one should wave in the face of the guy who is about to sentence you. Did this bozo consider that before opening his mouth? Take a guess. An AP headline last week read: "Sound Transit train hits teenage girl, survives.

Come listen.

You saw the movie, now meet the mental giants who inspired it. We found them and so did the cops. It wasn't difficult.

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One heck of show! We rediscover that every time we venture out. There's one in South Carolina where its illegal to pretty much utter any sound in public The operators are still laughing. If nutritional values matter to you, we've got the vitals. Let the mortality sweepstakes begin! Musical guest this week: singer-songwriter, Deirdre Flint. The Sherwin Williams White House? You certainly cannot mistake their market. With team names like "Drinkin' Smokin' Straight WestCoastin'" and "Jewbacca" Stars Wars with yamulkes you also know that getting wasted is the biggest reason people play.

Until now. Now there's big prize money, too. All of a sudden tossing balls into cups of suds is legit. Don't ya just love the Internet? Police still don't know what possessed a man to taunt a biker gang, throw a household pet at them, and then try to escape on a stolen bulldozer. Before you ask, Jack is too old for the part. She won't buy it, and neither will the IRS.

But hey, can't blame a guy for trying.


Keep Monty Python's Circus flying. A win-win. This is what happens when you blend reggae with punk, dub and improv rock. Chicago's two insert disparaging adjective here baseball teams are battling again for the Cross Town Cup. While the victors may indeed get the spoils, this year the players are being spared the fans' wrath. The boo birds have a new target. Let the drilling begin! Speeders are harder to spot without traffic cameras or radar guns.

Luckily cops in one mid-America state now have a new secret weapon. It's your word against theirs!

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NY CIty school kids get a free pass on state math tests. All they have to do is try and coming close is good enough paging Bob NewHart. Remember the movie Crazy People? Dudley Moore's line about why men buy Jaguars may fit here. If Subway ever decides to sell a two foot long sandwich, we found the perfect pitch man. Won't cost them much either, prison wages being what they are.

How about that opening number, ey?

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Music on today's show is by Brooklyn's Amy Coleman. We have more proof that pot smoking makes you stupid.

  • Filmography;
  • The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, October 05, 1887, Page 2, Image 2.
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But that shouldn't prevent you from collecting workman's comp. Go ask the judge. Wife out of town? Surprise her. Hire a maid to clean house.