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This allows your business to take orders over the phone, without having to answer the phone yourself. Smart, friendly, and available when you need them to be, a live virtual receptionist provides the benefits of full-time office staff without the price tag. Just as we take good care of your customers, we also show the utmost respect to, and concern for you and your business. Communication is the basis of all relationships. And businesses thrive on relationships. Our bilingual Davinci receptionists have advanced Spanish proficiency and will be able to accommodate anything your callers need.

Choosing a bilingual virtual receptionist not only ensures that you can communicate with a crucial segment of your business, but sends a message to that segment that their business is important to you. Davinci bilingual virtual receptionists provide translation services at a fraction of the price it would cost to hire a full-time bilingual employee.

How to hire an ecommerce virtual assistant & scale your store

Our virtual receptionists are always here to provide a professional, familiar voice for your customers in the Hispanic community. Have your Spanish and English callers taken care of with Davinci's bilingual answering service.

As a business owner, your attention is being pulled in several directions. Let a Davinci virtual administrative assistant be your third hand to help you handle those extra tasks. Our premium virtual receptionists provide support and handle all administrative assistant tasks as if they were at a desk next to you.

2. Expertise you don't have.

Either way, this is why Davinci has virtual administrative assistants here to help you in any capacity you might need. Your Davinci receptionist will help you with things like scheduling deliveries, travel planning, assisting customers, providing meeting support, managing your calendar, checking your voicemail, and returning calls.

My guide to hiring a virtual assistant: 20 top tips for success

Everybody knows that the most successful business people work smarter, not harder. Avoid the many distractions that build up throughout the day and delegate the minutia to your virtual assistant from Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. Davinci virtual receptionists are trained to know the ins and outs of your business. You can trust that when a customer calls in and connects with a live receptionist, their unique, and often complex questions will be answered as if you were on the phone speaking yourself. Davinci virtual receptionists will be ready to expertly answer intricate questions from your prospective or existing customers with a tailored set of criteria as determined by you.

Whether customers are looking to speak to a particular department, have presale questions, or are looking for assistance in using a product, trust a Davinci virtual receptionist to be there to answer the call while you focus on your work. Your Davinci receptionist will provide the professional phone presence, friendly voice, and learn everything they need to know to successfully assist your customer the first time they call. Our experienced receptionists provide dedicated customer service at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house employee.

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Live call answering. Voicemail management. Unlimited long distance calling. Auto receptionist.

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  5. Online faxing. No more excuses. Here are the exact steps you can use. Create a post on UpWork and make it attractive :. You can do so here.

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    Not sure what to write? Hi there! MUST speak great English. Creating lists of and contacting top bloggers in our industry 2.

    How to Hire a Virtual Assistant: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Outsourcing

    Helping me with personal tasks e. Doing a variety of other tasks must be comfortable trying new tasks often. If you are a good fit, there is room to grow in the position. Big bonus if you consider yourself an optimist. Please let me know: 1. Your hourly rate 2. Why you are VA — What do you enjoy most about it? Big thanks! And here are some settings I used too skills, job category, pricing, requirements, etc…. Most people experience this before they do something new for the first time. Invite candidates to join your posting:.

    Do it! Narrow down your candidates to the top 2—3 people:. Which brings us to our next step…. Hire the top two candidates for a 2 week trial. Why hire two? Hire your top two picks for a 2-week trial and see who you like better.

    7 Steps To Hire a Virtual Assistant That Can Help You Grow Your Business

    Give them both tasks. More reliable? More fun to interact with? One simple way to test this is to give them an intentionally vague task that requires some resourcefulness and intuition. For example:. Could you please create a spreadsheet with 15 of the top influences in the fitness industry?

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    Then could you try to identify what their top 5 tweets were on Twitter this year most retweets and rank them in the spreadsheet? Lastly, could you highlight the tweets that you think would be the most inpsiring to re-share via Facebook or Twitter? Thanks so much!